GSoC'19: Community Bonding Period

GSoC'19: Community Bonding Period


The GSoC bonding period is just about to end, I decided to write this blog post a bit early because I wanted to start with coding as soon as possible. I was introduced to the coala-ish way of spending bonding period. The milestones were set in this period, along with the preparation of cEP.

I started with writing few codes for the bears, deciding on the possible issues and difficulties that may arise later on in the coding period. I discussed few of my doubts with my mentors and we were able to resolve them all. The major problem to me was the PEP8Bear - PycodestyleBear integration. It was something that was never done before, and was quite innovative on its own. I started writing few codes in that regard and hopefully I'll be able to do as I proposed.

During this time I also interacted with fellow students, clearing few doubts of each other. The maintainers were also fairly active during this time along with the mentors clearing our doubts on time. I also had a weekly interaction call with my mentors, I was happy that I was able to personally talk with them.

I guess this wraps up my bonding period, this would be the last post without code-snippets :wink:. I'm really excited for the coding phase 1, hope to see you in the next post!